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塑膠射出模具製造 >>>

連陽工業專營模具及塑膠射出成型,創立於西元1989年本公司總部位於台灣台南縣。 本公司所秉持的信念就是--製造高品質且具有競爭的產品給我們的客戶, 今日才造就我們成為模具業界中具有領導地位的製造商。

我們可以保證,在模具產業中,連陽工業股份有公司所設計製造的模具,一定可以滿足業界所需的高品質標準。 本公司的設計開發能力在業界中,已超過二十年以上的經驗,我們相信一定可以提供給客戶完整的服務。








將公司的事業版圖再擴大,生產更多更大量, 不同種類大小的精密零件來給客戶們。



連陽向您保證,模具製造交給我們,您絕對可以放心、滿意。 沒有您們的支持,就沒有今天成功的我們。







Plastic Injection Molding >>>

LINKPROS is a Plastic Injection Molding company found and based in Tainan, Taiwan since 1989. We mission to create high quality molds at a competitive price for our leading manufacturers today. We guarantee our molds meet at high quality standards in the leading industry. Our engineers obtain well over 20 yrs. of experience in this field and just waiting to assist you.

We are equipped with all necessary machines and tools to achieve all mold design, construction, repairs and tooling maintenance. We provide on-site mold testing and offer *life-time warranty* to all of our customers if our molds are to be production in our facility. Because of our success, our company has grown a rapid pace, doubling the revenue every two years since 1989. Our plant size consists of 1000 square meters.

We hope you will take special interest in our company as much as we are excited to learn more about yours. We want to know what we can do to help make your company a success!

We work hard to persist on the new growth of our future. To expand our company more and more, producing more and bigger products to various sizes to small precision parts.

We are here to complete the needs of our customers to full satisfaction. Producing good parts as result for you to reach your talent for your company!|s upcoming future! We guarantee you will not be displeased. Without you, there would be no us today! So please included your detailed drawing of your new project in your next email or fax to us for a brief quotation today!